Australian Visas

Australia is a country of thousands of opportunities, the Australian government gives you the possibility of obtaining a visa according to the domestic demand of the country and you can obtain it through the advice of Ospel Immigration Services.


Skilled Migration - Highlights

• They have the same number of Subclass of visas both those who post onshore and those who do offshore.

• Applicant family members do not need to be in a specific place when applying, they may be in and / or out of Australia ... accompanying the applicant or in another country.

• The onshore requirement to "have studied 2 years within Australia" to be able to send the EOI was abolished.

• The offshore requirement of "recent work experience of 12 months in the last 24 months" to be able to send the EOI was abolished as well.

• Considering that the request of the place where the applicant is located was abolished, both the same and his dependents will not need to be in a specific place. Once the applicant is "invited" to apply for the residence visa, he / she may remain within the country even until the visa is granted.

• When the "Invitation" arrives and the applicant is within Australia, the only requirement is that he / she is "legal" within the country. It eliminates the limitations of being able to postulate only if you are with a substantive visa (such as students or 457), it will suffice that you have a Bridging Visa A, B or C.

• With this system, Spouse, de-facto and children may be added after having applied for the EOI, but until before the application by the Residence is approved.

• The score required to send the EOI is 60 points, DHA  reserves the right to modify it when it considers it convenient. All requirements for awarding points will remain the same as those currently in place.

. "Time of Invitation". The components of the points system will be evaluated the moment DHA makes the decision to send you your "Invitation". It means that while your EOI is within the skillSelect system, you will be able to make all the modifications you want, such as increasing points by having obtained improvement in some requirement (new IELTS level, reaching a new level of years of employment).

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